About Us
Spandan Multispeciality Hospital (SMH), located in Vadodara, Gujarat is a multi speciality medical center that integrates clinical and hospital care with committed compassion. SMH is a venture of Vraj Health Care Private Limited which was founded in 2007 by nine renowned physicians with a vision of providing outstanding patient care based upon the principles of co-operation, compassion, commitment and innovation.
The mission of the SMH is to provide compassionate health care of the highest quality and to foster the group practice of medicine.
To fulfill these missions SMH is associated with
The best qualified medical, scientific and support staff.
Excel in service
Provide efficient access to affordable medical care.
Ensure that SMH quality underlies every decision.
The following  fundamental values form the foundation of the SMH culture:
The phrase “to act as a unit” forms the basis of the SMH group practice. This value, established as a guiding principle when the SMH was founded, ensures that all patients will benefit from the collective wisdom of a team of health care professional.
A commitment to quality has created the SMH’s legacy of achievements and innovations resulting in excellent and cost effective patient care. Locally, in Vadodara the SMH has taken a leadership role in establishing standards for measuring and reporting guidelines for quality health care.
An adherence to scientific and professional integrity is the ethical cornerstones that underline our delivery of patient care and administrative management of the SMH.
A commitment to compassionate care includes a respect for our patients and their families’ need for emotional support during their illnesses. The SMH believes in providing the highest level of services to its patients and families.
As an institution, the SMH recognizes its responsibilities to the community in which it resides, and to the trustees (Directors) who oversee the management of its resources.
Various Departments : with details about OPD days / timings, OPD procedures, bed distribution:
Department Speciality Name Of Doctor Days Morning Evening
Medical Physician Dr Kiran Shah Mon, Tue 9 to 11 4 to 5
Physician Dr Pradeep Naik Daily 9 to 11 4 to 6
Physician Dr Akash Singh Fri, Sat 9.30 to 10.30 3.30 to 4.30
Physician Dr Shabbir Nandarvawala Emergency Only
ICU Chief Intensivist Dr Ankur Bhavsar Daily 8 to 2  
Pediatric Paediatrician Dr Urmi Parikh Daily 11 to 12 5 to 6
Psychiatric Psychiatrist Dr Ismail pala On Call
Surgical Gen & Laparoscopic Surgeon Dr Ajit Gohil Mon, Wed, Fri 9 to 11 3 to 5
Gen & Laparoscopic Surgeon Dr Ankur Kothari Tue, Thu, Sat   5 to 6
Gen  Surgeon Dr I.T.Vassa Thu 10 to 11  
Orthopedic Orthopaedic Surgeon Dr Umang Gandhi Tue ,Wed, Fri   5 to 6
    Tue ,Thu 10.30 to 11.30  
Orthopaedic Surgeon Dr Hemant Mathur Mon, Thu, Sat   7 to 8
Obstretician & Gynaecologist Obstretician & Gynaecologist Dr Shubhada Bhide Daily   5 to 6
Obstretician & Gynaecologist Dr Dilita Bhagade Daily 9 to 10.30 ,  
E.N.T. ENT Surgeon Dr Rajesh Rane Mon, Thu 10 to 11 ,  
    Sat   5 to 6
ENT Surgeon Dr Urmil Nimkar Tue, Wed ,Fri,Sat 9 to1 1  
    Mon,Tue,Wed,Fri   5 to 6 ,
Opthalmology Ophthalmologist Dr Santosh Shah Mon, Wed, Fri 11 to 12  
Ophthalmologist Dr Jignesh Parikh Tue, Thu, Sat   4 to 5
Plastic Surgery Plastic & Cosmetic Surgeon Dr Sandeep Sharma Tue, Thu, Sat 9 to 10  
Urology Uro Surgeon Dr Amit Chadda Mon 9 to 10  
Pathology Pathologist Dr Rajesh Chauhan Daily
Radiology Radiologist Dr Sheel Shah Daily 8 to 10 7 to 9
Anaesthesia Anaesthesiologist Dr Neelam Rane Mon, Thu    
Anaesthesiologist Dr Harshal Dave Tue, Sat    
Anaesthesiologist Dr Ashish Shah Wed, Fri    
Anaesthesiologist Dr Smruti Kiran Shah Emergency Only
50 Bedded Multi Speciality Hospital.
OPD Services by experienced consultants of all specialties.
Room Categories: General/ Semi Special/ Special/ Deluxe.
Fully Fledged Medicine Department with PFT, TMT, & Echocardiography.
10 Bedded State-Of-Art Medical & Surgical I.C.U. and  6 Bedded Step down unit.
Fully Fledged Dialysis Unit.
4 Well Equipped Operation Theaters (Including one with Laminar Flow).
Fully Fledged Orthopedic Department with Joint Replacement Center & Spine Surgery.
Fully Fledged Surgical Department with Laparoscopic Surgery.
Obstetrics & Gynecology Department with facilities for Maternity & Infertility.
Ophthalmology :  Cataract Surgery with Phaco – Emulsification  & Microscopic Surgery.
ENT Surgery including Micro Surgery & Endoscopic Surgery.
Plastic, Cosmetic, & Micro Vascular Surgery.
All Endoscopic & Open Urological Surgeries.
Vascular Surgery & Neurosurgery.
Health Check Up Programs.
Occupational Health Services.
Round the Clock Services:   Ambulance, Pharmacy, Pathology & Microbiologist, Radiology (Digital X-Ray & Ultrasound), Emergency Medical and Surgical Services, Accident and Trauma Care